Blood Axis European Tour 2011

Blood Axis will be playing five rare concerts this summer in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania. There is a small chance we will play in Italy as well. The concerts will take place the last two weeks of August.
The line-up will be: Michael Moynihan, Annabel Lee, Robert Ferbrache, David E Williams (keyboards), Aaron Garlan (bass), and John Murphy (percussion).
The set will include new and old material.
Vinyl editions of BORN AGAIN will be available at the concerts.
ULTIMACY giant compilation of Blood Axis singles will available as well.

8 Responses to “Blood Axis European Tour 2011”

  1. mindaugas says:

    it is totally great we see you in lithuania the last summer weekend. bravo

  2. alberte says:

    hi, would you consider playing a concert in england as well?

  3. Jack says:

    Any news of the “possible” Italian concert?

  4. Thomas Aubell says:

    Hi. When will we see the dates for the prefomans, live in Norway so I need some planning

  5. jakoh says:

    is there any further details concerning the proposed dates for the tour, dates etc?

  6. Ingo D. says:

    The concert in Leipzig was great and more than satisfying to see you live(after so long)in Germany!!Your interpretation of Walther von der Vogelweide(The Dream)is awesome and your interpretation of the 13th. century text(Mittelhochdeutsch)much perfect!!
    Thanx for signing my shirt just another premiere!!
    Very Best:Ingo

  7. dennis E says:

    Why not more concerts? These are really for the few.
    So many fans still have to see B.A.

    Dennis (NL)

  8. frank says:

    justheard your version of follow me up to carlow ,very impressive

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